Media Campaign

According to professional data backed by latest research, 1 of every 5 minors in Israel suffers abusemaltreatment by adults during their childhood.

The best and most effective way to handle child abuse and neglect is prevention, or at least early detection. Raising awareness for the phenomenon, both among adults and children in their own language, is a sure way for the prevention and early detection.

MeHalev Initiative, in cooperation with The Israel National Council for the Child, are leading a long-term media campaign that aims to raise awareness for the phenomenon and place it in high priority in the public discourse and in policy makers' agenda.


1 out of 5 is the first phase of an extensive public campaign for prevention of child abuse and neglect. It aims to raise awareness for the phenomenon of child abuse and neglect and offers an easy way for children in distress to signal for help by texting an emoji code.  Read more >>

#One_of_Five is the second phase of an extensive public campaign. This initiative  - a cooperation between MeHalev, The Israel National Council for the Child and The Haruv Institute, is aimed to raise awareness for the phenomena of child abuse and neglect. Read more >>

In this third phase of MeHalev's extensive public campaign, the message is: Child abuse can happen anywhere, in any-socioeconomic level, gender or religion. In this video the viewer is a witness to 4  scenes that take place behind different doors, in which an adult abuses a child.   Read more >>