Prevention Initiatives

MehHalev Initiative aims to reduce the occurrence of child maltreatment in Israel. Preventing this phenomenon plays a critical role in the efforts to insure a better quality of life for Israel's children and in strengthening the resilience of Israeli society in general.

Many studies prove today that each penny invested in programs designed to reduce and prevent child maltreatment could save a much greater investment necessary for treating child victims of abuse throughout their lives. Thus, we are working to increase social awareness of the phenomenon, and to enrich the layout of programs that will focus on preventing child abuse & neglect, rather than on treatment of the child after the injury has occured.

Child Maltreatment Prevention Hub

"1 in 5" Child Maltreatment Prevention Hub works to promote initiatives aimed at preventing child abuse and neglect. Read more

In Your Hands

In Your Hands Initiative aims to educate parents, caretakers and professionals on the dangers of SBS (Shaken Baby Syndrome) and to offer ways to better cope with babies' crying . Read more in Hebrew