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The child abuse prevention initiative


MeHalev Initiative was established in 2015


To prevent child abuse and neglect ( maltreatment) in Israel and enhance the service system’s capacity to deal with all forms of child maltreatment.


Current professional research findings from Traiana Research (2014) indicate that one out of every five children in Israel is a victim of abuse and neglect, which shows that a joint effort towards prevention is necessary to cure this social epidemic.  


  •  Shaping public agenda to increase awareness and ensure that child maltreatment becomes a top priority in public discourse.
  •  Shaping Government priorities  in addressing Child Maltreatment, focusing on its prevention.
  •  Launching and supporting new and innovative programs aimed at preventing Child Maltreatment.
  •  Measuring and monitoring Child Maltreatment in Israel to enhance programs’ effectiveness.
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