Child Abuse – Don’t leave it to yourself


“Know a child being abused? Don’t leave it to yourself” is a public campaign for the prevention of child abuse and neglect led by MeHalev Initiative, in partnership with The Israel National Council for the Child and The Haruv Institute. It is the 5th phase in the extensive media campaign #1_of_5, aimed at raising awareness for the phenomenon of child abuse and neglect, and highlighting the importance of mandatory reporting.

The campaign is currently promoted through social networks. In this  video we see 4 people who present their excuses for not reporting child abuse. We then see a woman who is a survivor of child abuse, who points out the message: if you know a child that is being abused by an adult – report it, it can save their lives. We are then presented with the slogan “1 out of 5 children in Israel is being maltreated by an adult”, which derives from data backed by recent longitudinal studies that indicate the vast and disturbing scope of the phenomenon of child abuse and neglect in Israel.

Below you can find a list of videos and articles in Hebrew which were published and promoted throughout the campaign.


התעללות בילדים – אל תשאירו את זה אצלכם


מה עושים כשחושדים שילד עובר התעללות?

סרטון חיפוש ברשת מה עושים


לאן פונים כשעדים להתעללות בילד?

סרטון חיפוש ברשת לאן פונים

המיזם למניעת התעללת בילדים בלאישה על חובת הדיווח

מדור ילדים ומשפחה, על המודעות לחובת הדיווח


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