Monitoring & Measuring

ניטור ומדידת התופעה של התעללות והזנחת ילדים

Monitoring and measuring

The need to develop a national index to measure the phenomenon of child abuse and neglect was due to the gap between the scale/scope of the phenomenon known to the authorities and the scope in practice, as shown by recent studies in the field. As part of the partnership with Mehalev project, Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute is working to develop a national index that will allow the measurement of the complex phenomenon of child abuse and neglect.

In the first year of the development of the index, efforts were concentrated in learning the sector and in formulating recommendations about the manners of it’s construction. Based on the information gathered through a literature review of research and consultations with experts in the field, guiding principles were formulated for developing a national index.

During 2017-2018 a pilot will be conducted in the field and the information collected in a representative sample of children and professionals, will be analyzed in order to obtain information about the extent/scope of children suffering from abuse and neglect in Israel, and about their characteristics.

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